essay writer

Essay – one of the most interesting, beautiful genres. It doesn’t establish a rigid framework for expressing the author’s opinion, does not tire the reader with large volumes and complex formulations.

The essay is a small piece in prose. Its main feature is that writer expresses his subjective point of view, formulates the impression of any question, phenomenon, problem. He does not pretend to scientific accuracy or a capacious description of the topic, he speaks only about his personal vision.

As a rule, the essay is written by artistic language. It has a figurative and metaphorical character, but at the same time there can be conversations and rhetorical questions, if they help convey the author’s position.

What should the essay contain?

First, you need to take care of the style. The essay is written in an easy and lively language, in which the author shares his thoughts, hopes, fears with readers. He doesn’t prove anything, but offers to ponder with him or even argue. To create such an effect in the essay epithets, allegories, aphorisms are used.

Next, pay attention to the structure of the essay. Thoughts shouldn’t  spread, conversation with the reader should not go from the originally stated topic to another. To do this, you need to draw up an essay plan.

Header. It should be made intriguing, tempting. Perhaps it’s worth using a pun, a riddle, but don’t mislead readers.

Introduction. It takes up 30% of the text. Its purpose is to arouse interest in the essay. You can use quotes, aphorisms, statistics, an unusual fact. In the introduction, the main idea of the essay is indicated (but not disclosed).

Main part. It takes 60% of the text. It reveals the main idea, supported by reflections, interesting facts, vivid, imaginative descriptions. If the introduction should be as simple and clear as possible, then in the main part it is necessary to use all lexical and stylistic riches of the Russian language.

The conclusion. It occupies the remaining 10%. It sums up or expresses the main idea, to which the author came through reflections throughout the essay.