How to write an essay

It is alluring to compose an essay in a specific sequence, gradually creating an idea, thinking about a structure of the text. Express your thoughts, perform verification and add new material.

To begin with, you need to determine the format of the work. For what audience do you write? What will be the length of your essay?

If the topic is free, you should not choose a typical one. Topic of an essay really needs to worry an author.

Then you need to collect additional information, understand the topic more deeply, and understand its nuances. Even if the problem seems quite familiar, it’s time to review the materials again and look for new ones.

Once all the information is mastered, you need to spend your time to reflect on the problem. It will be good to use your own life experiences, remember personal impressions. It is desirable to minimize the use of common stamps that does not have any sense. Just remember, the way toward writing of you will use argumentation, examples, analogies. The text must persuade a reader.

Next stage is an essay plan. It is advisable to determine the approximate size and number of paragraphs, parts of the text in advance, because you need to come up with subtitles.

It is better to start immediately from the main part, so it will be easier to write the whole essay. The introduction and connections can be easily supplemented later. The hardest part is to start composing your essay.

When you write the main part, it is important to express your thoughts correctly, not to forget about the importance of expressiveness. Use something to get reader’s attention, for example unexpected transition, humor, quotation, rhetorical question, unusual idea or fact.

Just after writing the main and final parts, it is prescribed to compose an introduction. Before this, you need to refresh in your memory all the main points you wrote before. Introduction is needed to get the attention of a reader and cause him the desire to continue to read ab essay. At the same time, an introduction should really correspond to the text as a whole.